This report tells the story of the first combat the Romanian Army took part in, after the Second World War, the combat which occurred in the South of Irak, in 2004. Romanian soldiers were in the White Horse military base, 8 km distance from Nassiryah, when the insurgents initiated a massive attack which would have endangered the entire province. Red Scorpions were the ones who defended the bridge over the Euphrates, bridge which was ensuring the main supply rout of the coalition, and the combat they took part in is a moment of the history because it was to be considered the first battle to which the Romanian soldiers participated after the Second World War.

Radio Romania was there, and our story reconstitutes this epic moment from the perspective of the fighters that were being under the fire of the insurgents.

Our report make known the story of a great day of the modern history, told in an original way. The whole documentary is presented only by the voices of our interlocutors, who tell the story of that fight from their point of view, completing each other. The result is a dynamic report; it transmits you the tension of that moment and the emotion each lived then, without any other extra voice-over to spoil the harmony of this canvas.

By Ilie Pintea & Mario Balint, based an idea by Radu Dobrițoiu

Producer: Nicu Popescu, english translation by Alexandru Zugravu

Below you can watch some of the exclusive reports made for Radio Romania in Afghanistan, from 2013 until now.
Interviews with Afghan key leaders, American commanders and Romanian military veterans of the theater of operations, but also images from missions and Afghan villages, avoided as if by time.
Filmed at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, common in the Afghan desert, edited in precarious conditions, often with a box of ammunition as an office, these videos show a fragment of the daily life of the military on a mission away from home in Afghanistan