Ilie Pintea

I am press correspondent for Radio România Actualități (Radio Romania News Channel)  since April 2000, and i was deployed as embedded journalist with the Romanian battalions  in Afghanistan since 2013, as war correspondent in this area.

I am the author of the very first photo exhibition organized in Kandahar Airfield Base, which was varnished on December 1st 2017, on Romanian National Day. The photo exhibition, organized by Radio Romania in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, is was dedicated to the memory of Romanian sub-lieutenant Mădălin Stoica, military of the Brave Hearts Force Protection Infantry Battalion part of NATO Resolute Support Mission, who lost his life in the line of duty during his mission in Afghanistan, on September 15 last year.

My works was presented at Los Angeles for Romanian National Day, on December 1st 2018, in an exhibition called Faces Of The War, hosted by Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles. Also, in 2020, my photos from Afghanistan were presented in Agora of NATO HQ at Bruxelles, during the meeting of defense ministers, by the kindness of the Permanent Delegation of Romania at NATO and with the support of the JTI Scholarships for journalists.

I was awarded for photographs taken over the years in Afghanistan in several national competitions and i also won a prize at a NATO photo contest. I presented my photographs in different national exhibitions and, with my video documentaries from Afghanistan, i was participated in several film festivals, including international ones.

                                     photo by Silviu Matei, AGERPRES